Top Ten Movies of 2018: Jeremiah’s Picks

Old year old me. This is Jeremiah Trotter, coming at you with my recap of this year’s best movies.


Top Movies of 2018 List:

10. Thoroughbreds – directed by Cory Finley

This was a pretty bizarre movie all about the interactions between two messed up girls seemingly trying to outdo each other’s crazy. The unexpected unfolding of events in this film along with the unsettling vibe the director created made this stand-out to me in the year’s films.

9. Ant-Man and the Wasp – directed by Peyton Reed

Though I’d say the story wasn’t especially interesting this movie is on this list from pure entertainment value. Antman and the Wasp leans into the comedy that worked from the previous film while going away from one of the weaker parts of the film which was the cookie-cutter villain. Laugh out loud moments will certainly commence with this one, which I think is worth the watch.

8. Annihilation – directed by Alex Garland

This was the most bizarre movie of the year. I didn’t know what to think going in but it had the same kind of pure sci-fi vibe I got from Arrival last year. Thought I don’t think the film is as strong as that, it definitely keeps you enthralled in the mystery until the end… Though the music through the climax got a bit much.

7. Crazy Rich Asians – directed by Jon M. Chu

It’s a rom-com and its supporting an underserved market. This thing is a fun and fresh face on an old concept and I was entertained from start to finish by the characters and performances on display.

6. Black Panther – directed by Ryan Coogler

Hearing about the cast, hearing about the vision and the director’s updates throughout; I knew this would be good. This movie was awesome. Another underserved market on display and the merging of neo-African and modern hip-hop style led to an awesome and impactful movie.

5. Eighth Grade – directed by Bo Burnham

Movies have been getting better in recent years of portraying a true child voice with closer to life ages. This movie was on my radar because of Bo Burnham and he was truly successful in delivering a very modern gen X experience with a touching emotional core.

4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman

This was a surprise to me. I haven’t seen an animated film in theater for years, but the previews showed that this was something special. Spider-Man has been done to death but this movie leans on that history to make something special and heartfelt for a new generation. I’m also a huge Miles Morales fan and appreciate how they remixed his backstory for this take.

3. Love, Simon – directed by Greg Berlanti

I don’t cry during every film but I definitely teared up during this one. The most heartfelt movie of the year, I was moved by how this family adjusted to their child coming out as gay. It’s a teen romance classic for the next generation.

2. A Quiet Place – directed by John Krasinski

John Krasinski debuts as a triple threat after writing, acting and directing this film. This was a sci-fi thriller that kept itself grounded by its strong characters and acting. It was a simple idea elevated by clean story and direction. I was truly impressed by this thing and hope to see more good films from John in the future.

1. Avengers: Infinity War – directed by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo

It was almost fated that this would be my favorite movie of the year, so much so that it feels like cheating putting it here. But even after all that anticipation and all that build, it’s still just so good. I must’ve watched the preview for this movie over ten times and I went to see this in theaters three times, so I think it’s just clearly the winner from that alone.

Honestly though, this epic is everything that a crossover event brought to film would and should be. I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out and can’t wait for the Avengers: Endgame next year.

Other 2018 Bests

Best game of 2018 (That I played): Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4

Best show of 2018 (That I watched): Daredevil Season 3

Jeremiah Trotter is an avid super hero nerd and appreciator of the adaptation. He believes in the power of catharsis and gets more attached to fictional characters than real people. His favorite things by category are: Favorite book series, Harry Potter; Favorite inspirational film, Children of Men; Favorite superhero film, The Dark Knight; Favorite cult film, Donnie Darko; Favorite comedy, Mean Girls; Favorite buddy cop film, Rush Hour; Favorite Netflix show, Jessica Jones; Favorite superhero, Spider-Man; Favorite fruit, Strawberries.

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