Quarantine Short Story Contest 1st Place Winner: “Orange and Yellow” by Kennedy Matchett

Quarantine Short Story Contest

A quick note from Ben Boruff, teacher and founder of this blog:

Author Neil Gaiman once said that the “joy of being an author is the joy of feeling I can do anything.” If writing is truly an act of limitlessness, as Gaiman describes, then it is a particularly valuable tool for those who feel limited. This is why, near the beginning of the coronavirus-related lockdown, I decided to host a friendly short story contest.

Shortly after the announcement of the Quarantine Short Story Contest, Chautauqua in the Dunes offered to partner with the event. We found some experienced educators to judge the event, and we invited all to participate.

Weeks later, we received many brilliant stories. All contestants should be proud of their submissions. And special congratulations to Kennedy Matchett, the winner of the Quarantine Short Story Competition. Thank you for sharing your impressive story with us!

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