Welcome Back: A Tribute to Will Smith

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Though I eventually decided that “Welcome Back: A Tribute to Will Smith” most effectively described the intent of this blog post, any number of titles would have appropriately reflected my feelings. Other titles I considered:

  • Will Smith: The Man of My Heart
  • Huzzah! – The Story of Will Smith and Big B
  • Why I Haven’t Loved Since 2008
  • Men in Black III will be Off the Chain
  • I Am Going to Have Three Kids and Name Them Bagger Vance, Fresh Prince, and Agent J

Will Smith, star of movies like Independence Day (1996) and The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000), has been absent from the screen since 2008, the year he made Seven Pounds. Given the dismal quality of Seven Pounds, true Will Smith fans were not surprised when Smith took some time away from acting. After all, artists need time to reflect on their work. But, as the years rolled on, Smithians (fans of Will Smith) began to wonder if their idol would ever return. Some coped with Smith’s absence by hosting The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air marathons while others reenacted the plot of Hitch with strangers. But, for all, the lack of Will Smith movies made those few years nearly unbearable.

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But, finally, Smithians can put down their copies of Bad Boys II and breathe a sigh of relief. Will is back. No longer do they have to listen to hours of “Whip My Hair,” praying that Willow’s voice will somehow connect them to Mr. Smith. Men in Black III, starring Will Smith, should be in theaters in May of 2012.

Some faux-Smithians wonder if Smith will be rusty after such a long sabbatical. But, true Smithians simply reply, “He is legend,” and allow the anticipation for another Will Smith blockbuster to overshadow less important thoughts. To prepare for Smith’s return, some Smithians may rehearse the theme song of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Some may grow a mustache in honor of The Pursuit of Happyness (2006). Some may burn copies of Seven Pounds. And some may write fan fiction for Shark Tale (2004).

Me? I’m going to listen to this song. Again and again.